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Image by Natalie Grainger

Each year, students at Madison House join the Madison House Apple Company and partner with local fruit businesses to provide holiday gift boxes containing Yakima-grown apples. The students who participate are empowered to learn about careers in the fruit industry, basic business principles, as well as the value and reward of hard work.


The Madison House Apple Company is now open for their 10th year of business, and this year, they have a brand new design, just for you. Check it out below!


A youth-run business working to provide

you with the valley's best apples and

youth with financial means to pursue higher education.

Our Story, Our Promise


At Madison House, we believe God has a plan for every child. Over the years we have heard the hopes and dreams of the youth we serve and have realized a unique opportunity here in Yakima to teach our youth fundamental business practices to help them get there. What began as a small mentoring program is now a thriving business allowing students at the Madison House to save money for their own future educational pursuits. Now, with over ten years of experience the Madison House Apple Co. serves the Yakima valley high-quality apples in beautiful, Christmas-worthy boxes. We can't wait for you to try them!

Here at the Madison House Apple Co. we work hard to ensure excellence with every box. Here's how we make that happen:


  • Apples are grown right here in Washington without genetic modification.


  • Every apple is inspected before packed to ensure we send high-quality produce.


  • Our apples are boxed beautifully. They are ready for you to send to a friend, family member, or even yourself! With us, you can ensure your order is gift-ready.

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1 Layer: 15 apples


Madison House Apple Co. 

302 S 4th St, Yakima, WA 98901