Yakima Union

Gospel mission






Following Christ in helping people move






Here's how

We believe change is possible, and it's more than just a list of better ways to order our lives. This is not a thought out paragraph, so I'll continue rambling on to get more words. Ultimately we have experienced the same brokenness many without a home experience today. Our relationships break, we lose jobs, find ourselves escaping our present life through a bottle, and ultimately rejecting the God who has an incredible plan for us. At the Yakima Union Gospel Mission, we believe a heart transformation is needed- and it's best done by healthy community coming alongside people in their darkest moment to love, and love, and love. 

What does "wholeness" mean?

The five things we aim for.


Authentic, healthy community is often our greatest means to life success. Add more to this with research and statistics.

Econimic Stability

We believe everyone in our care should be equipt to care for themselves financially, and work toward this...ect.

Freedom from Addiction
Church membership

Addiction to anything has proven to be crippling, but we believe freedom is not only possible but necessary to move forward. Ect.

Ultimately, we believe every soul needs to be brought from darkness to light, and to live that out alongside other believers. ect. 

Stable, safe housing

An overwhelming amount of studies have shown longterm, stable housing can make  a great difference in lives... ect.