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We serve an average of 500 nutritious meals each day. We serve 3 meals per day Monday-Friday and 2 meals per day Saturday and Sunday, every week of the year.

At full capacity, we sleep approximately 165 men, 16 single women and 15 families in separated dormitories. Each night, an average of 100-130 men, women and families find shelter from the dangerous streets.

Friends of YUGM graciously donate clothing for people experiencing homelessness. We distribute this clothing to men, women and children who may have little more than the clothes on their backs.

Restrooms, hot showers and personal hygiene supplies are all available to our guests. We also offer diapers for mothers with children.

YUGM has partnered with medical care professionals and Pacific Northwest University students who donate their time and expertise to provide our guests with medical services.

With the help of a faithful group of local dentists and volunteer professionals, we are able to provide full dental services at a highly discounted rate to those in need.




Counselors assess individual guests to determine their unique circumstances and needs. We then offer them individualized assistance and referrals for employment, housing, community aid, substance abuse, recovery and other services.

Daily chapel services, Bible studies and discipleship programs offer the spiritual hope and healing that is essential to building new lives.

Many of the women and families we serve have been affected by years of drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, unemployment and mental health issues. These individuals are in transition looking for a long-term solution to their current living conditions. Family Shelter takes a number of personalized and strategized steps to assist those seeking services, employment and housing.


Spiritual nourishment is a vital part of the program and individuals’ progress, and Family Shelter walks alongside their guests to keep them accountable and encouraged.


Because of the large number of families seeking help at YUGM, and due to our limited space, families stay at YUGM facilities for an average of 7 days. Within those 7 days, we offer the comprehensive help they need to regain their independence.


To contact our Family Shelter call 509.853.4330.

Family ​



Men's ​


Men who are seeking a place to stay are welcome to at YUGM any night of the week. We have a large dormitory that sleeps 40 people and numerous rooms that sleep 6-8 people each.


To register for a room, guests must sign-in at the hub (1300 N. 1st St. in Yakima) before 7:30 PM.


To contact our Men's Shelter call 509.248.4510.


We prepare approximately 500 meals on-site daily. We serve 3 meals per day Monday-Friday and 2 meals per day Saturday and Sunday, every week of the year. To view our meal times, click here.


In addition to our 3 daily meals, we provide food boxes to families with children and single individuals 65 or older who are in need. These boxes usually include canned goods, dry goods, fresh vegetables, milk and meat (contents will vary depending

on availability). 

Food Box Hours
1:00 - 3:00 PM Monday, Wednesday and Friday (by appointment only)

To set-up an appointment or to donate food for the box ministry, please call 509.248.4510.





& furniture

Our warehouse is filled with household items, including large furniture, car seats and baby items, small appliances, and so much more. Twice each week we open the doors for those in need to “shop” for free for items. Please bring a valid WA ID (out of State ID is allowed once). If you would like children’s items you need to bring their social security card, birth certificate, or shot records.


Each Thursday at YUGM women are welcome to pick out furniture from our warehouse free of charge. Check-in takes place in the YUGM lobby at 9 AM. A required Bible Study lasting approximately 30 minutes begins at 9:30 AM. Afterward, vouchers will be handed out to be redeemed at 1 PM at the warehouse.


Men are welcome to "shop" at the warehouse on Friday. Chapel attendance is required from 12:00 - 12:30 PM. Vouchers will be handed out directly after chapel, with shopping to follow.​


Anyone in need is welcome to come by any day of the week between 9:00 AM and 3:30 PM to pick up hygiene products free of charge. Women and families can stop by the Family Shelter office and single men are encouraged to stop by the Hub for supplies.


We also have showers that are open to anyone in the community.


Women/Family Showers:

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

1:00-2:30 PM


Men's Showers:

Everyday - 3:30-5:00 PM


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call our Family Shelter office at 509.853.4330.



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