this Holiday Season!


just $41.40

Nourishing Meals

Save a place at the table for neighbors in need. Meals at the Mission have been a constant through decades of change. Food Service was the Mission’s first program offering and still remains the first point of contact for many YUGM guests. 


just $55.00

Warm Clothing

Pulling on a warm coat against bitter winter cold can mean the difference between health and illness to YUGM clients. In extreme weather it might mean making it through another night in the elements. Clothing donated to YUGM are distributed to clients throughout the year.


just $ 40.00

Safe Shelter

More than a warm bed, YUGM emergency shelters seek to be a compassionate refuge from life on the streets. Men, women, couples and families in crisis receive lodging, case management and access to additional resources.


just $28.14

Compassion Kits

Maximize your impact by providing Shelter, Meals, Warm Clothing and Personal Hygiene in one donation. Each kit includes 1 nights shelter, 2 nourishing meals, 1 winter outfit, and 1 shower.

Messy Bed

just $32.00

Linen Packs

Providing over 26,000 bed nights per year creates a mountain of laundry. Linens are washed constantly to combat the spread of illness, insects, and parasites. Help give those in crisis the comfort of clean linens.


just $55.00

Hygiene Kits

The simple need for a shower. Fresh soap, hot water, laundry detergent to wash clothing can give a fresh perspective on yourself and your circumstances. 


just $60.00

Madison House

More than a safe place to be, it’s a place to belong. Madison House fills students’ out of school hours with tutoring, athletics, art opportunities, bible studies, summer camps and nightly meals while connecting them to caring adult mentors & tutors.

Adult Education Course

just $ 541.00

Vocational Education

Many clients face significant barriers to employment, such as a criminal record, lack of transportation or poor work history. In VocEd, students overcome these barriers and realize their own potential by developing the skills, knowledge and experience they need to succeed.