Luis came to the Mission to get meals and a place to sleep while he got on his feet. 

But then he found...


HOW we do things has changed, but WHY we do them never will!

Luis, a guest in our shelter, made a very powerful observation: “I can see the staff going above and beyond during this time. A lot of people are sad because they can't go to church right now, but the Bible says that where two or three are gathered, then HE IS THERE". 

Almost overnight, life as we've known it changed and our world spiraled into a socially-distant, working-remotely culture.

Yakima Union Gospel Mission felt the tension as we worked hard to implement safety protocol while continuing to offer the same life-saving meals, shelter, and emergency care we have provided the homeless for over 80 years. While everything changed, we remain committed to loving our neighbors well.  

You may have seen our social media posts and followed along as we brought in military tents, cots and sleeping bags to enlarge the sleeping space for our shelter guests.  

Luis held his Bible in one hand while pointing to the tents set up to create additional space between guests. "God talked to Moses in a tent while the Israelites were in the wilderness," he said. "God is here- at the Mission.   We are having church right now!” 

He continued, “There is all this darkness in the world right now. But if we know God, we don’t have to be discouraged. We can shine a light that will point people to Jesus and wanting to change their lives.” 

You see, God sent us to love the broken in  Jesus’ name. People are valuable to God and they are worth us going to every effort to keep them safe and alive.

People need to be safe to believe they are loved. People need to be seen to believe they have value. People need to be alive to receive the life-transforming truth that Jesus died for them and wants a relationship with them. 

The eternal, unchanging purpose of the Mission hasn’t changed, even when so much around us has. 

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Help other people like LUIS

Luis’s experience has a familiar ring to it.

Transformation started because someone cared enough to give him a meal. Will you send a gift to provide this help to others?

Each $2.07 you give provides one meal that can be the start of a changed life. As Luis’s story shows, changed lives change our community and make this a better place for all of us.



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