From homeless to wholeness

Before Michele came to Yakima Union Gospel Mission for a meal, she had no idea that there were people in our community who cared enough to help her.

She had turned to drugs to try to cope with the death of her father. Her grief didn’t go away. Instead, it increased as she grew more and more addicted. Through the addiction, she became a person she could hardly recognize.

A person she felt like no one would ever want to help.

“I was homeless. I was drug addicted. I had completely burned all bridges with my family, so I was alone,” Michele says. “The way people look at you, it makes you even feel like you have no value. I couldn’t imagine a place in Yakima that was there just for people like us.”

That’s what the Mission is. It’s a place for broken people in need of help. It’s a place where a person like Michele can move from homelessness to wholeness. But that’s not all it is. It’s also a place for people like you – people like Michele has become – to give back and help others experience Jesus and find healing. And to change lives for good.

That first meal Michele ate planted a seed. It showed her that there were people in the Yakima Valley who wanted to help her change her life. It showed her that she could have a second chance.

That second chance helped pave the way to a life giving back to the community as a community volunteer, a prison mentor, a worship leader at her church and our office manager here at YUGM.

“Now I feel just so honored and privileged to be here on the other end offering help and hope to those who come through here,” she says. “I was amazed by what was going on here then, but it wasn’t until working here that I realized it takes a whole community to do this.” She continues, “You can’t even imagine what has to happen behind the scenes for this to take place. It takes everybody in the Community.”

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Help other people like michele

Michele’s story featured in this newsletter is one of a kind, but it has a familiar ring to it. Transformation started because someone cared enough to give her a meal. Will you send a gift to provide this help to others?

Each $2.07 you give provides one meal that can be the start of a changed life. As Michele’s story shows, changed lives change our community and make this a better place for all of us.



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