When someone comes to Yakima Union Gospel Mission their first stop is Emergency Services to meet their immediate physical needs. Guests can sign up for beds, eat three meals a day, take showers, get haircuts, pick out fresh clothes, and receive medical care. Counseling from our staff is also available to discuss options regarding our recovery programs or other service providers in the area. Contact our Shelter Director Chelsey Bell at (509) 388-3441 or



The Good News Cafe is the heart of our Meal Services program. We often day "hope begins with a meal" as most of the clients we serve initially come to us in search of a meal. We use this opportunity to build relationships of trust that allow us the opportunity for spiritual engagement or to connect clients to additional services or programs. It's amazing that one can gather so much hope from just one warm meal. We offer meals 365 days out of the year. Contact Teresa Kask, our Cafe Manager, to learn more (509)853-4349 or


7:00 - 7:30 AM (M-F) 

8:00 - 8:30 AM (Sat) 

7:00 - 7:30 AM (Sun) 



12:30 - 12:50 PM (M-F) 

Not served Saturday or Sunday 


Dinner (daily) 

5:30 - 6:05 PM


New Life

Recovery Program

YUGM’s residential Men’s & Women’s New Life Programs are in-depth, year-long commitments designed to help men and women understand the root causes of their homelessness/ addictions and why their lives aren’t working — to then restructure their lives on a solid biblical foundation with lasting solutions. Our programs don’t focus on just one part of a man or woman’s life; we believe it’s important to look at their physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and social well-being. Contact Jason Johnston  at 509-594-6765 or

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Family Shelter

Families experiencing homelessness can come to Yakima Union Gospel Mission for food, shelter, clothing — and much more. We strive to surround hurting guests with loving care and support, and to impart a sense of security and trust so healing can begin. Families with children can feel safe in a secure part of campus designed with family's needs in mind. Contact Janet Kerns at (509) 853-4330 or to learn more or make an appointment.




A transitional program that helps clients make plans and connect to resources as they move forward from here to what comes next. Clients work one on one with case managers, attend classes on subjects such as Christian faith, finances, coping skills, and work side by side with YUGM employees to develop work experience and references. If you would like to volunteer as a case manager, or refer someone in need to apply, please contact David Wells at 509-853-4370 or


Discovery Program

Sometimes the leap between staying in our Shelter and entering into life-change programs is too great for our clients. Discovery Program offers a "half-step" opportunity for clients interested in making a change. This gives clients an opportunity to stabilize, get into a routine, help around campus with various jobs, build meaningful relationships with staff and other programmers, and identify whether our New Life (addiction recovery) track or our Bridge (Transitional Housing/ Case Management/ Vocational Education) track is a better fit. Contact Nikki Brown at 509.910.9434 or for details.


Madison House Youth


We believe God has a purpose for each of His children and Madison House stands to shine a light of hope into the lives of kids surrounded by intergenerational poverty, substance abuse and gang activity.

Since 1989, Madison House Community Youth Center has aimed to broaden the horizons of our kids by providing homework help, guidance in personal responsibility, encouragement in character growth and a knowledge of the Lord. Madison House is a safe hub for youth ages 5-20.

Contact Madison House at

(509) 457-3370.



Dental care is a key piece to overall health and restoration, yet many individuals are without insurance or finances to afford vital services. Our Dental Care Center steps in to fill this void. With the help of a faithful group of local dentists and volunteer professionals, we provide full dental services to low-income individuals in our community.

Contact our Dental Care Clinic directly at (509) 853-4335.


Medical Care Center

Most of our patients have no health insurance or the ability to pay for health care services - that's why the YUGM Medical Care Center services are provided completely free of charge. The clinic averages more than 11,000 patient visits each year made possible by over 200 volunteer medical professionals.

Contact our Medical Director Kristi Trickett to learn more (509) 853-4327 or


Warehouse & Distribution

We receive donations of food for our meal services, help facilitate donation pick ups around the valley, bring donations needed to serve our clients back from the thrift donation centers to our main campus, and recycle cardboard and electronics.

Contact our Warehouse  Director Alyssia to learn more (509) 853-4313 or


YUGM Thrift Stores

YUGM Thrift stores support the work of the Mission, taking your gently used donations of clothing and household items and turning them into revenue needed to operate the Mission.


We have three locations for your shopping and donating convenience:

Mission Thrift at 2011 W Lincoln Ave

Summit Thrift at 5606 Summitview

Lighthouse Thrift at 15 S Front Street

Click here for details about store hours and donation drop offs.